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Why Choose Us?

Stanthorpe Septic is capable of providing portable waste water treatment services, transform that grey water into a useable water sauce for your property.

Put your trust in Stanthorpe Septic Tank Cleaning for all your sewage treatment and well cleaning services. Servicing all of Southern Queensland including Toowomba, Warwick and Amiens.

An ineffective or overloaded waste system can leak into the environment or exude an unpleasant smell that is unhealthy and intolerable.

Because we’ve been in the business so long, we have the experience and knowhow to fit your every sanitary need.

We guarantee that all our work is done to the highest standard and on time.

Tank smelling funky? Possum managed to find its way into the tank? We’ll get your tank back to sanitary and pristine clean!

We’ve got customers all over the Southern Queensland who keep coming back to us because they know they’ll get the same friendly, helpful and efficient service every time.

Call us today to get your tank clean, your sewage treated or well cleaned, (07) 4685 2396 is the number, Stanthorpe Septic Tank Cleaning is the name you can trust.

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About Stanthorpe Septic

From Warwick to Tenterfield, Liston to Stanthorpe and everywhere in between, Stanthorpe Septic is servicing your area.

We’ve been in the water supply and waste system servicing business for over 30 years.

We’ve got the experience and knowhow to clean all kinds of facilities from tanks and traps to wells.

When your business or property depends on the continuous functionality of septic and rainwater tanks, you know how important it is to maintain your tanks cleanliness for optimal flow.

If your household is dependent on the smooth running of your septic for grey water as well as sanitation waste, you need to ensure that it is kept clean to operate efficiently.

Rainwater tanks and wells can be well covered and sealed but can still suffer from the build-up of dirt and dust that has slipped past the filter.

In rural and remote areas, safe water and proper sanitation can mean the difference between sickness and health.

It’s important to ensure that all your storage and sanitation systems are safe for you and your family.